Moda – EZGlam Beautiful Brows Brush Duo (6pc)


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The Moda – EZGlam Beautiful Brows Brush Duo (6pc): Get brows that are always on point with the EZGLAM Beautiful Brows Duo, which includes an Angle Shader and Angle Brush/Lash brush.

This beautifully bold, 100% vegan line includes water-resistant acrylic handles with a Silk-Touch™ coating for ultimate durability and ease of care.

Wholesale Pack: x 6

Minimum Wholesale Quantity: 6 pieces

“Professional quality brushes that are comfortable to use and feature bold coordinating colours that make a statement.”


Easy Brush Cleaning Method:
Use a gentle shampoo or a make up brush shampoo and lukewarm water to wash brushes gently but thoroughly. Squeeze out majority of water, reshape and lie flat to dry completely for best results.


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